I’m not regularly present on social media, but following are links to my profiles and some information about how I use each.

You can most reliably reach me via email: hi@[this domain].

Social Media


I check this most often, on the order of every few days, but as of this writing it doesn’t have a private messaging feature.


I check this very rarely, but usually keep it updated regarding my employment, essentially as a relatively low-friction and comprehensive supplement to my résumé.


DMs here are not a timely way to reach me, but they are still a way to reach me at this point.

Setting up a call


You can set something up on Calendly directly or in the popup here.

Via email

We can coordinate via email if you’d rather not use an external service; I find that all parties usually find this more cumbersome, but I understand it might be preferable with respect to privacy.

Last updated 2/6/2024